Above the Bar

Above the Bar: a Food and Fund Challenge Within the Legal Community

What is Above the Bar?

Above the Bar is a month-long food and fund challenge among our Galveston County Legal Community intended to inspire a healthy competition and help raise critical support for the Galveston County Food Bank’s Kidz Pacz summer program. It is during the summer months that children often feel the most impact of food insecurity. To fill the gap, the Galveston County Food Bank established Kidz Pacz, a program providing healthy foods for children who normally rely on the National School Lunch program, but struggle during the summer months. Your efforts will be the key to providing nutritious, kid-friendly food items to children in need this coming summer. This program offers nonperishable, ready to eat, kid friendly food from June to August throughout Galveston County.

How it works:

Teams compete to raise products for the Galveston County Food Bank – Kidz Pacz program and are awarded based on highest points in three categories.

How to get started:

*Designate your team leader
*Choose your theme & donation box locations
*Register your team by email or fax with the attached registration form. (Fax – 409-945-2563. Email- Julie@galvestoncountyfoodbank.org) Please register by April 22, 2023.
*Promote your drive and get creative.

Award categories:

Creative Award – Organization with the most creative campaign.
Cha-Ching Award – Organization donating the largest amount of monetary funds.
Kidz Pacz Award – Organization donating the most units of food per requested item

How is it awarded:

The awards are based off the following point system.

Every correctly tagged fun Facebook post & flyer = 10 points (Creative Award)
Every $1.00 = 10 points (Cha-Ching Award)
1 unit of food = 10 point (Kidz Pacz Award)

When posting on social media tag GCFB with the below handles.
Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn – @galvestoncountyfoodbank
Twitter – @GalCoFoodBank
Receive 100 points toward the Kidz Pacz Award at end of competition for delivering food products (1 time only).

Teams must be registered to be eligible to receive an award for one of the three categories.

Financial Donations:

One of the best ways to help is to donate money. For every $1 donated, the Galveston County Food Bank can provide enough food for 4 meals.

• Online team donations can go to our website: www.galvestoncountyfoodbank click on Move Out Hunger and select the team donation. Team must be registered 24hours in advance to be added during the week for addition to the list.

• Collecting cash/check donations. Checks payable to Galveston County Food Bank with the attached donation form. When receiving cash donation, if recipient would like a donation receipt, please include donors name, mailing address, email, phone number and donation amount.

You may also send a list of donors, so the Food Bank can properly credit donations to your organization. Setting up a food donation box reminds your staff and clients to support the campaign and many people feel more connected to the mission by donating food. If you would like donations boxes, please contact Julie at 409-945-4232.

Thank you for all of your Support!

Please fill out the form below to register a team.